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Inspired Not Wired Mug

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Let's face it, everything tastes better served hot in a mug, especially coffee and tea. Did you know you can heat up every Taika to enhance its flavor and warmth? Enter Taika's Inspired, Not Wired Mug. Designed to enhance all Taika experiences, hot or cold. Perfectly suited for all coffee/tea sipping moments, be it lounging in an adirondack chair while the sun rises or in an ergonomic chair while checking email. Made with real stardust.

  • 11 oz mug
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe (don't worry about it getting hot or dirty)
  • Smooth curves evoke the flow state you'll enter post-Taika
  • Subtle branding creates a conversation starter with your work crush
  • May make you feel like Harry Potter when he gets his wand
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