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James Hoffmann’s favorite ready-to-drink coffee

  • Crafted by one of the world's best baristas
  • Single-origin specialty coffee
  • Balanced with adaptogens for heightened focus & creativity
  • Keto-friendly & plant-based
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This coffee is seriously good

"Taika is truly special because they combine great tasting coffee with adaptogens that help me focus and be more creative. There's no compromises between enjoyment and functionality. I absolutely love having them in my fridge at home and my office too."

"I didn't think I was a Macadamia Latte guy, but I am — I really am. It's delicious! The perfect afternoon treat for a smooth creativity boost."

James Hoffmann
World Barista Champion, Author of The World Atlas of Coffee, Cofounder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters

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What Our Customers Say

“I love coffee but have always gotten super jittery from it. This is the first I've had that doesn't make me bounce off the walls.”

Brandon C

Verified Customer

“Taika has become my favorite coffee to drink in the morning.”

Mark I

Verified Customer

“I'm in love with these adaptogenic lattes from Taika.”

Elizabeth E

Verified Customer

The best coffee with the best ingredients

Craft coffee paired with highest quality adaptogens and functional mushrooms to elevate your creativity and focus without sacrificing the taste. Our lattes are made with 100% natural house-made plant milk bases and contain no preservatives.

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Cans of macadamia latte and black coffee cans

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Double the fun with 1 case of our silky smooth Macadamia Latte and 1 case of brilliantly bold & smooth Black Coffee.

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