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Matcha Latte Sampler (3 cans)

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After finishing your first can, we guarantee you'll want more. That's why we made a 3-can Matcha Latte Sampler. A deliciously creamy matcha made in heaven, canned in space and ready for you to drink, right here on planet Earth. Hours of creativity in a can.

  • Organic matcha and house made macadamia milk
  • Taika creative energy blend · 60mg caffeine
  • 80 calories • 0g sugar • 1g net carbs
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$14.95 Box of 3

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For many, coffee is meant to be black. No sugar, no milk, no frills. And that’s just what we’ve done while delivering our Taika twist on a classic.



The word macadamia is dangerously close to the word macarena, but we’re here for it. This latte tastes like coffee ice cream but with zero sugar.

Oat Milk

Oat Milk

Oatmeal is boring. Our oat milk latte is not. Lightly sweet but without any added sugar, it’s smooth like a dolphin and delicious like cereal milk.