We all know the feeling...

I drank too much coffee.
Not again!
The beverage you turned to for productivity or creativity has just left you wired, anxious, and scattered.

That’s because until now coffee has been focused on where it was grown

and not how it makes you feel

...That’s why we made Taika the world’s first perfectly calibrated coffee

Dolphin smooth tasteIdeal amount of coffee...balanced with adaptogens + functional mushroomsPlant based and no sugar added
Try all three

Buy this delightful sampler containing all three of our flavors in one box. Get our magnificently mellow macadamia latte, our oatstandingly organic oat milk and our brilliantly bold black coffee delivered right to your doorstep.

Macadamia Latte

The word macadamia is dangerously close to the word macarena, but that didn’t stop us. Anyway, this latte tastes like coffee ice cream but with zero sugar.

Oat Milk Latte

Oatmeal is boring. Our oat milk latte is not. Lightly sweet but without any added sugar, it’s smooth like a dolphin and delicious like cereal milk.

Black Coffee

Like a celebrity’s less successful sibling, this coffee is just the right amount of bitter. No sugar, no milk, no frills.